Work with women and girls? It’s time to reject psychiatry

via Work with women and girls? It’s time to reject psychiatry

Wagner-Jauregg, mentioned in the text for winning the Nobel Prize for his discovery injection of malarial infected blood cures schizophrenia was a German of course.

And this “treatment” by far not his only cruelty. He was also one of the pioneers of electroshock therapy, something mentioned in Jessica’s text and seemingly experiencing a revival now.

(The book I know this from was stolen from me in order to “moderate” me and make me a better slave – see previous post. By the German state. Officially confiscated. Censorship is back, too. This is rather ascribed to fascist Nazis.)

However great work by jessicapsych, as usual!

I would write a comment on her site, but my owners don’t allow me to (I’m owned by persons I neither know nor have contact with, from court, because I’m “mentally ill”. I’m not even told they are in charge of every aspect of my life, going as far as total control of my communication, the place I stay at and even my visits to the doctor where everything I say is discounted because I’m ” mentally ill” first of all and only what they say I suffer from counts. None of them has ever consulted my MP(s), I’m not told for “data protection” reasons and “safety” reasons, meaning keeping them safe from me “mentally ill” and ending up having my vagina and buttocks(muscles, I don’t know what else) removed after narcosis induced to treat a broken nose/skull after being physically abused plus seeing my arse on another woman walking ng down the street or sent back from hospital without treatment when even a normal person clearly sees my nose is broken (when falling on ones own, because of use of alcohol for example, one rarely falls on the nose and catches other injuries btw) and the comment would, as plenty of them already “await moderation” forever…

  1. Anyone who is traumatised by abuse or exploitation would hit enough of these criteria to be diagnosed with a personality disorder
  2. Most people at pretty much any point of major stress, would exhibit these behaviours as a normal response to distress and change
  3. These feelings are completely justified in traumatised and abused people – and therefore do not constitute a disorder or abnormality. These responses are normal.”

Jessica’s points for the rejection of BPD diagnoses. I’d go even further: those charctersics are normal even without extreme stress. Fear of abandonment for example is commonly found among men rejected by women in any stage of relationship.  It’s only that MEN write diagnostic manuals and perceive this – often deadly for women – behaviour in men as ‘normal’…every other BPD symptom is something everyone displays at one point or another in life. Men rejected by women express for example usually: 1. Fear of abandonment, 2. Mood swings, 3. Anger and aggression.

Yet they are rarely diagnosed as mentally ill. Only taken notice of in case they “accidentally” kill a woman “in rage” or so… Then they are being said to be “a nice, friendly guy” who must have had a “bad day”…..


It’s really annoying.


Have a look at this:


18 police vehicles were required to deescalate a violent outburst at a first graders school ceremony.

Do you think some “bitch fights” broke out there? Well, you’re wrong, though I only read the headlines, they also said “Massenschlägerei” a term used to describe male mass fights. So, it’s men who turn a school party for first graders into a mass fight. Do you think anybody will label them “mentally ill” or as having a “disturbed personality”? Nobody will. That’s “normal”. These are “normal” men, “loving fathers” and “responsible citizens” (as in opposition to single women without children who, as already in the Middle Ages, are “mentally ill” “unnormal” and even “dangerous individuals”)…and of course will women who complain about male violence be labelled “false accuser(ESSE)s” by police who consider behaviour like mass male fights “normal”…would anybody tell they’re “emotionally unstable”? “Impulsive”? Cause “harm”? No, the tax payer pays all expenses, they remain anonymous and deemed “good, normal people” leading a “healthy” life and being ” great role models” for children and youth because they didn’t smoke…


Maybe I tend a bit to expose Jessica as a person without own ideas but a slave keeper instead. Sorry. What is she gonna write next using my money? Who knows. I won’t feed her any ideas or knowledge, but rebellious youth instead.

Bet she’s gonna shut up then….maybe  hard to write without luxury holidays and stuff…

I closed German aerospace. Just for fun. Harmless. Like a video game. Shooting them down…it’s not that I was UN Peacekeeper or Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Germany.

It’s Jessica, my owner. I’m a fraudulent money launderer. Officially. Ask Gutas. Legal Gebesitzer von die Zwanganutte.

Wagner-Jauregg therapy is “healing”, isn’t it, Gutas, legal Gebesitzer von die Zwangsnutte?!

BTW, I like English books, but won’t buy Eton…


Faking da Zwangsnutte is easy, isn’t it?! Such a Three Fuckholes to get filled with dick, using Consentinducer narcosis, having her vagina/arse muscles makes you such a good fuck and automatically intelligent….Gutas so da Gutung…


Time to reject psychiatry and have great titts, vagina and arse transplanted, plus some genetic manipulation, and swoosh, you’re an internationally recognised, highly paid, awarded prizes genius….without any effort….just spreading your legs and FUUUCCKKING!!!

Soooo easy!!!


The whole region “profits” only the Zwangsnutte gets sentenced by court. Good Fotze never. Good Fotze is a genius!!!


Was or is the book you stole from me helpful? It’s worth 10% of my monthly income. In addition to my scientific paper for which I price 50 billion (Euro).

Pay or I will make you pay!!!

Don’t even dare dreaming of your prestigious New York conference at the UN. Your aerospace is closed. And in case you fraudulent German NeoNazi terrorists “circumvent” this, sometimes, planes crash, you know….”extended suicide”, you know….

Did you also know, “Ms Eton” that Wagner-Jauregg dealt with syphilis? Something that’s back again in Germany on a large scale, similar to measels?!

Bet you didn’t, but know how to fuck!!! And be rich!!! And how to be the better than real Zwangsnutte!!! This three fuckholes you can’t stand and give free for force-gang-bang fuck, something making you rich, too, you “great keeper of human rights”, you “genius “…..

Don’t you feel extraordinary and special, you Gutas?!

Aren’t you extraordinarily successful, making “all good”???

Zwangsnutte is almost “done”! She’s gonna commit suicide very soon, thanks to being labeled all the labels you labeled her. Even though you terrorist bitch didn’t make it to rob her off her driving licence yet…try harder! You are the success story! You are the winner! You are solely responsible for all YOU do.

“Working” “with” me?!

“Ihhh war bei die andere Frau im Zimmer, nicht bei Sie”…Fick die Zwangsnutte, Gutas, von das kommt die Gebegutung! Bitches in NY bei UN waren darauf, deinen Schwanz in ihr Fixkloch geschoben zu bekommen!!!!


Und einfach dann sagen: ja, bei uns in Deutschland, da “alles gut”, die Zwangsnutte fährt Milliarden ein, und Gutas LEGAL Gebesitzer von sie!!! “Alles gut”, aber “braucht mehr Geld”. ACH so ja, die Zwangsnutte eine süchtig und kriminell, aber Gutas bei sie die Gutung. Gutas mit die Gutung. Die Zwangsnutte eine illegal, aber Gutas legal. Gutas Chef von die, “alles gut”. Gutas mit die Gutung!!! Gutas 40 Milliarden Gebung bei die Autoindustrie für “Klimarettung”. Von das kommt die Gutung und der Trump muss weg, der illegal, muss bei die USA Chef sein WO sagt die Merkel “heilig Mutter” weil macht “nehmen rein” alle gutas Flüchtlinge wo “traumatisiert”. Muss machen kommen einer wo macht die Helfung bei die Gutas mit die Krieg gegen Russland. Weil der Putin so scheiße. Aber Gutas die Gutung. Immer so. Gutas die Genie. Nicht so wie die Zwangsnutte total dumm und unwissenschaftlich. Die Zwangsnutte eine so. Die total dumm und unwissenschaftlich. Aber Gutas mit die Vollgutung! Voll krass Party gefeiert in Hurensohnfeld, 14 Tage lang! Und voll “präventiv” alles! Zwangsnutte hat Verbot bei die Betretung von ganzes Hessentagareal gebehabt! Nur Gutas die Gebefeierung gebemacht! Total erfolgreich, nicht so wie die Zwangsnutte gemeingefährlich!!! Und so auch voll mit die positive Einstellung Gutas gefeiert! Nix, aber auch gar nichts hat an die deutsche Niederlage von vor 💯 Jahren erinnert, nur saufen, “Animation mit Sabrina FACKelli” bei die Polizei und saufen. Von morgens bus abends. So negatives wie 1. Weltkrieg, damals auch Großer Krieg genannt, oder die Zwangsnutte gab es da nicht. Nur fast 1 Million Besuxher. Gutas total erfolgreich bei making a mass event. Nicht so gemeingefährlich und verfassungsfeindlich wie die Zwangsnutte! Die wieder eine Strafe die Gebekommung. Ganz schlimm mit sie. Aber Gutas, Gutas mit die Gutung!!! Gutas Profi bei alles! Legal Gebesitzer von die Zwangsnutte!!! Und wenn wo einer sagt hat Massenpanik gegeben auf die Gutas sein supergeile Party “Hessentag” bekommt voll aufs Maul!!!

Wenn du so sagst, Gutas, automatisch die Milliarden bei dich kommung, Luxus und voll alles macht “bravo, bravo”, das der neue Gott!!!

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