Earn good grades and stay out of trouble. That gets you into a good college. Do well in college. That gets you a good job; ideally, it gets you a nice career. Get married, have a child or two. My life got off to a wonderful start. I went to decent schools and did well. […]

via Children Are Not the Future — Celtic Riverside

Realistically spoken, our (or rather your – I don’t have any for certain reasons which aren’t biological nalfunctions but rather societal) children have no future.

We already live in a world where oxygen, the very ingredient of life on this planet is becoming scarce in vast areas. Predominantly the most populated ones with lots of traffic and industry.

Clean water is not to be seen in any of Western citys which are home to brown not clear rivers, our oceans and seas are rather dirty greyish than blue…

……yet all those things are either normalised or rather romantisised in a “that’s nature” kind of style or, like the oxygen (or pollutants) problem ignored because they neither f**k nor have naked female breasts or arses to look at and feel “the future” ‘arise’ between the male legs…..

Well, yes, definitively, “Children are the future” is pure sarcasm….

…..they aren’t more but the victims of a society becoming increasingly stupid and ignorant whilst being convinced of its superiority and intelligence….

…… and you know what? It’s not because of smoking…..

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