Why is the BBC enabling a Nazi sympathiser to promote the interests of German brothels?

A BBC short film about prostitution in Germany under the Covid shutdown of the industry makes a mockery of the BBC’s editorial standards and stated mission.

Why is the BBC enabling a Nazi sympathiser to promote the interests of German brothels?

An important post from NMN.

I’ve got to admit I’m quite shocked to see a German pimp posing in a SS uniform in public in 2021 and being promoted by the BBC for doing so.

As a person living in Germany I’m not sure whether I’m more disturbed by the fact the BBC promotes him on his website or by Germany tolerating him to the point where he feels comfortable to freely talk in public about the ‘burden’ infection control restrictions put on his business…as if it was normal in Germany to re-enact Nazi scenes… perfectly accepted and “real work”. Given that there’s a whole lot of unpleasant fallbacks into Nazi-ideology in Germany, up to a point where it’s perfectly legal to stage protests demanding the bombardment of Israel (which is at least theoretically prohibited by the German Grundgesetz – the Constitution has an article stating that it’s a crime to be punished to “prepare for an offensive war”, sorry for the poor translation). Where groups especially protected by the German chancellor do so. I’m really concerned. As were Greeks when they depicted her with a Hitler-mustache. I called Merkel Hitlerin. I can’t see I was wrong…

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