A brief history of the ‘Sex work is work’ movement

From the 1970s, the sex industry fought back against the radical feminist analysis of prostitution as a key part of the patriarchal system that subordinates women.

A brief history of the ‘Sex work is work’ movement

Quite interesting to see how “trade unions” ‘help’ prostituted women – it’s mostly women (and children) – during the pandemic in Germany.

Prostitution is not allowed since the pandemic began, with Covid-relief payments in place for brothels but none for sex workers, be they registered or not.

NMN condemned a BBC production about peripandemic prostitution in Germany, yet it clearly demonstrated that the best case scenario for a prostituted woman was “Hartz4”, a commonly used term for very basic social securtiy payments in Germany which covers rent, health insurance and basic needs. This Hartz4-payments may sum up to 1000€ for a single person. Health insurance is about 150€; depending on the region an amount for rent, at mine 330€ a month, plus up to 50€ for heating and 446€ to make a living. Only German citizens are eligible. Which most of the prostitutes here aren’t. They come from the eastern and southeastern European countries, from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and alike as well as from African and Asian countries. Hardly anyone of them ever having been employed in Germany. Which means they do not have any kind of financial assistance or support for about a year by now.

Don’t forget: their pimps get up to the amount they declared as income in their 2019 tax declaration….(and of course pimp ‘their’ “sex workers” out underground, so in fact earn twice the amount they did before)

….now, how do the “sex worker unions” explain that? What did they do or achieve for their customers, the “sex workers”??? Their situation is deteriorating ever since prostitution was legalised. Human trafficking is on the rise.

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