An open memo to men

Subtitled, ‘A brief reflection on pornography leads to a reflective tirade in statistical mode,’ this article by Elizabeth Matz was first published in Women & Therapy in 1994 and is reproduced here with the author’s permission.

An open memo to men

From the comments section:

Actually, dear Not John, I believe data, and I bet you’ll hate me for having looked up existinig figures on prostitution even before you telling me to do so.

Well, for the country where I live, the figure of men visiting prostitutes every day is estimated (there are no exact numbers available, not even here, where prostitution is legal) at 1,2 million. 83 million is the total population. So let’s say 41,5 million are male. From 0 to over 100 years old.

They visit prostitutes 438.000.000 times a year….

So to be honest, you’re wrong.

Not only because there simply is no data on how many men visit prostitutes. Nowhere in the world, only estimates exist, even in countries that legalised prostitution.

But also because where any kind of somewhat reliable data exists, it points rather to a majority of men using prostitutes than anything else.

I know this is an unwanted opinion that’d never be published in the comments section, so I don’t even try to post it there. Unfortunately it’s the truth.

The data, dear Not John, the data you ask me to check, is absolutely against you.

Want a proof? Check this out:

You can use translate, and you’ll get to the point why I did check the data and it’s exactly this that proves you wrong….

Maybe you should try to control your hate before disrupting discussion and leaving those interested in talking about this open letter muted by the sheer amount of hate and stupidity you display.

I’m tired of men like you. Your hatred makes me sick. Literally, physically and psychologically sick. Sick to a point it’s impossible for me to take part in a society composed of men like you. Uneducated, controlling men who think they can fool everyone.

Thank God you’re anonymous on the internet and I don’t have a gun….really….

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